Below are a selected few one-offs that I've worked on either as fun challenges or side projects (or possibly both!).


Glamping App Onboarding

One of the most interesting things about opening an app for the first time is going through the onboarding process. It's a critical part that often gets overlooked in app design. It's a golden opportunity to explain how to use the app, it's best features and also it's first time the user gets to interact with the design. For this fun project, I imagined what the process would look like for a glamping app and tried to pare it down into three easy-to-follow steps. 



Bad Ass Lady Creatives App

There's a really awesome website/directory called Bad Ass Lady Creatives that interviews and highlights amazing women that work in the creative industries. I thought the idea was genius and imagined what it could look like as a standalone app, where you'd be able to filter by industry, follow and view projects from your favorite creative.



Holiday 2015 Wrapping Paper

As a fun end-of-the-year project at Clarity Consulting, the design team did a series of holiday-themed wrapping papers to send out to clients and co-workers. Holiday Heroes and Villains, the one featured above, we illustrated characters and things associated with the holidays, some considered good and others not so much. I contributed two characters both considered a holiday hero, Jack Skellington from cult classic The Nightmare Before Christmas and Rudolph from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.