Facebook Careers Application

After redesigning the mobile version of the main Facebook Careers site, I turned my attention to Facebook's application process on both desktop and mobile devices. The overall goal was to simplify the application while still gathering all of the necessary information needed for recruitment. 


About this project...

This was the second part of the Facebook Careers project. The first was streamlining the process of looking for a job at Facebook and this part is what happens when you'd like to apply for a job there. After talking with the Recruitment team about exactly what information they need, we were able to reconfigure the layout of this page to condense the form to one page. For legal reasons, we had very little wiggle room as far as how the text is displayed so the accordion layout helped with the flow of content so that the user is never bombarded with too much at once. 

Below is an interactive prototype showcasing the entire mobile Careers application. Feel free to also check out the desktop version here.

Involvement: User Experience (desktop & mobile), Visual Design (desktop & mobile)