RSVP Gallery

Offering merchandise that doubles as art, RSVP Gallery serves as a luxury boutique/art gallery that displays and sells pop art and design from around the world.


About this project...

RSVP Gallery wanted to relaunch their web presence with an upgrade to both the front end design and the backend Magento platform. Because of their stature in the high-end streetwear field, this was not going to be a regular ecommerce experience. After multiple brainstorming sessions, sketches and emailing ideas back-and-forth with their creative directors and manager, we decided on a deceptively minimal approach. While it has a very clean, black-and-white feel to it, there are a few standout features. I designed two themes: a day theme and a night/neon theme that ties into their overall branding, in-store experience as well as their blog (titled Neon and Nonsense). The two themes respond to the time at which the user accesses the site and can be toggled, if needed. 

Involvement: User Experience, Visual Design, Art Direction